We analyse water and wastewater required or produced as part of any production process. We identify what this consists of and what other water needs the business may have.



We create systems and processes that better utilise water and wastewater, either to improve its quality so it can be reused again, or to make it more easily disposable.

Build & Manage


We provide, install, then manage (if required) complete solutions that deal with your water and waste more efficiently, either in integrated or stand-alone solutions.

About Us

We have 4 regional offices covering the North of the UK (Cumbernauld, Inverness, Edinburgh & Preston) Cumbernauld is the Head office with a 40,000ft factory. I & C has over 25 years’ experience in water, wastewater and sludge optimisation, treatment, and recovery where we can provide companies with complete solutions.

We are a process driven organisation which offers design, supply, install, commission, operate and management of water, wastewater sludge solutions.

Valuable resources are washed down the drain every day, including heat, phosphorus, and other valuable commodities. I&C provide the service to firstly evaluate the possible recovery potential, then design supply and install systems to ensure environmental compliance and resource recovery.

Water and wastewater are part of a precious ecosystem that should be managed by every business in the most cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable way. For every client, we reduce the impact of their wastewater and/or their need for fresh water. Our work cut long-term costs and our clients’ environmental impact

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Water Division.

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I&C provide effective solutions for their clients with respect and integrity to leave a positive long-term impact.

I&C enable the fulfilment of CDM and design duties to resolve design issues relating to the physical structures of pipelines, pumping stations, tanks and buildings and providing complete MEICAT detailed design solutions, from scoping through to commissioning.

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Meet the team

Meet the I&C Senior Leadership Team below:

Ian Hewson

Managing Director

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Craig Young

Business Development Manager

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Kevin Craig

Senior Project Manager

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